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Smurf:I’m there for you, Molls… [Molly laughs] What?”
Molly: “Nothing, it’s just that whenever anyone says I’m there for you, it just makes me laugh. It’s just one of them expressions, innit?”
Smurf: “Yeah, I’m just letting you know that I’m- if you need me…”
Molly: “You’re there.”
Smurf: “Yeah.”
Molly: “…For me.” [she laughs]

So what happens now?
You fall in love with me.

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Iwan Rheon in Episode 2 of Our Girl

From Review of Our Girl…


Also putting in a great performance was Iwan Rheon, known for playing likeable characters in Misfits and Vicious.



Is anyone here watching Our Girl???


Cos I really need someone to talk to about my crazy Smurf feels…